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Collaborative flowchart software to map processes, visualize user flows and workflows, and document processes.

  • Premade flowchart templates for multiple scenarios
  • Real-time collaboration to work with teammates
  • Extensive flowchart & process map shape libraries
Flowchart Software
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How to make a Flowchart?

Create Flowcharts Super Fast

Create Flowcharts Super Fast

Create Flowcharts Super Fast
  • Visualize any process, system, or idea with intuitive drag-drop tools.

  • Update flowcharts instantly with context-aware shape switching.

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to draw flowcharts quickly as you think.

  • Rotate, expand, or resize flowcharts tangle-free with dynamic connectors.


Collaborate Seamlessly with Multiple Teams

Collaborate Seamlessly with Multiple Teams
  • Productive brainstorming with interactive whiteboarding & freehand drawing.

  • Have discussions and follow-ups with comments, in real-time or async.

  • Set up workflows & optimize processes with your team on a shared canvas.

  • Keep track of changes done to your flowcharts with full version history.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Multiple Teams
Connect the Dots Across the Organization

Connect the Dots Across the Organization

Connect the Dots Across the Organization
  • Centralize all information & workflows with an infinite canvas.

  • Connect your existing tools & workflows with powerful integrations.

  • Share, review, & edit your flowcharts with multiple access & role levels.

  • Create interactive presentations for your flowcharts with built-in tools.


Manage Your Entire Workflow

Manage Your Entire Workflow
  • Multiple document statuses to mark & track process progress.

  • In-built project management tools to manage ownership, tasks, & revisions.

  • Add contextual information on each step with integrated notes.

Manage Your Entire Workflow
What is a Flowchart?

What is a Flowchart?

Flowcharts are used to visualize or illustrate a process, sequence, system, or computer algorithm. These diagrams are widely used to plan, denote, and present complicated processes in a manner that is concise and easy to understand. They are commonly used in business, engineering, and programming to document and communicate processes, algorithms, and workflows, and in education and training to help students and employees understand complex information.

How to Create a Flowchart with Your Team in Creately?

  1. Open a Creately workspace and add the team members or stakeholders you wish to collaborate with as collaborators with edit access.

  2. Define the goal and objectives of the flowchart. The team should agree on the purpose and goals of the flowchart, and what information needs to be conveyed.

  3. Gather the information you need. With relevant stakeholders, brainstorm the relevant process steps from start to end with other key details that need to be visualized.

  4. One or more team members can then collaborate on creating a rough draft of the flowchart, using basic shapes and lines to represent the steps and decision points identified. You can get a head start with a flowchart template from Creately’s template library.

  5. Review and refine the draft. The team should review and provide feedback on the rough draft, making any necessary revisions and refinements. Easily share feedback and discuss changes with Creately’s in-line commenting.

  6. Find the changes that the collaborators made via the multi-cursors on the canvas in real-time or via the version history. In case you want to revert to a previous iteration, select the version to apply the changes.

  7. Finalize and distribute the flowchart. After revisions have been made, the team should finalize the flowchart, ensuring that all steps and decision points are accurately represented and that the flowchart is easy to understand. The flowchart should then be distributed to all relevant parties.

  8. Review and update periodically. The team should review the flowchart periodically, updating it as needed to reflect changes in the process or workflow.

Get a Head Start on Creating Your Flowchart Online with These Templates

Horizontal Flowchart Template

Horizontal Flowchart Template

Offboarding Process

Offboarding Process

Support Process Flowchart for Web App

Support Process Flowchart for Web App

Employee Offboarding Process

Employee Offboarding Process

FAQ about the Flowchart Software

Why do you need to use a flowchart software?
Using a flowchart software you can easily create flowcharts online. Flowchart software come with a standard flowchart shape library and multiple premade templates for different scenarios. They also have intuitive drawing tools that make creating and updating a flowchart easy and diagram exporting and sharing options to quickly share, embed and publish your flowcharts.
How to use Creately’s flowchart software?
With Creately’s flowchart software, you can start right away with a suitable flowchart template provided in the templates library or the community, or draw one from scratch with the extensive shape libraries available for flowcharts, process maps, activity diagrams, etc.
How can I share my flowchart in Creately?
With Creately’s flowchart software, share your workspace with others if you wish to collaborate with them by adding them as editors and sharing a link. You can also download your flowchart in PDF, PNG, SVG, or JPEG image formats to share, publish or take printouts. You can also use a secure embed link to embed the flowchart in any app, site, or intranet.
Streamline Your Workflows by Integrating with the Tools You Love
Creately integrates with the tools your teams use every day and supports your team’s workflow seamlessly.
Google Drive
Google Sheets
Google Docs
Google Slides
Why is Creately a Better Flowchart Software?
Creately is the intelligent visual platform enabling visual collaboration, knowledge management and project execution.
Why is Creately a Better Flowchart Software?
Infinite Visual Canvas
Real-Time Collaboration
Custom Databases
Data Driven Docs
Professional Diagramming
Project & Task Management
Enterprise Grade Security
Powerful Visual Modelling
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