Supercharge Meetings and Collaboration on Microsoft Teams

Get your team together on Creately to brainstorm, plan, run projects, and visualize processes and ideas. Elevate the way teams think, work, and interact with Creately in Microsoft Teams.

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Interactive Whiteboard for Meetings

Diagramming and Visualization

Maintain Visual Knowledge Hubs

Create a Single Source of Truth


Meetings that Matter

Meetings that Matter

A shared visual space to run inclusive, engaging, and creative meetings with your team. Instantly open a Creately workspace to brainstorm ideas, take notes, design processes, and visualize concepts - all without leaving the Microsoft Team’s space.

  • Open a Creately workspace straight from the meetings tab.
  • Real-time cursors for any number of participants.
  • ‘Spotlight’ mode to guide your audience through presentations.
  • Put anything on the infinite canvas and avoid switching tabs.
  • Easily convert the output of meetings into actionable items.
Meetings that Matter
A Visual Hub for Each Channel
Channel Tab

A Visual Hub for Each Channel

A Visual Hub for Each Channel

Integrate Creately workspaces directly into channels. Build workflows, network diagrams, wireframes, mockups, org charts, and more with teammates in real-time.

  • Pin workspaces/ folders and centralize all your project resources.
  • Track projects and see progress in the channel chat.
  • Auto updates and notifications to keep everyone aligned.
  • Multi-user text and visual editing with comments and discussions.
Personal Tab

Visualize Anything

Visualize Anything

A free-form, infinite, visual canvas to organize your thoughts, brainstorm solutions, design processes, prepare for meetings, take notes and much more. Enjoy a personal visual dashboard to keep all your work organized.

  • Easy drag-and-drop visualization capabilities.
  • Unlimited version history to create multiple iterations of your work.
  • Visually capture and organize all your work.
Visualize Anything
How to Add Creately on Microsoft Teams

How to Add Creately on Microsoft Teams

How to Add Creately on Microsoft Teams

Level up your collaboration on Microsoft Teams

Unlimited Users - $89/mo

Would highly recommend this tool over the other much more expensive competitors.

We started using Creately for design, brainstorming, and information mapping because it's versatile and replaces so many tools for us. The integration with Microsoft Teams is a game-changer, as it keeps all our work in one place. Our whole team is on Creately now and we love creating technical drawings and building schemes, thanks to its intuitive diagramming capabilities.

Ronald Ter Burg ICT Manager, Woonplus Schiedam, Netherlands


Great value and a continually improving tool

Easy to create just about any diagram! I love the templates, which allow me to start from a blank slate and reach a semi-finished diagram for my professional work in just a matter of minutes. The pre-packaged/categorized shapes are super-useful!

James S Business Analyst


Simplified Project Management

Creately is straightforward and simple to use. What you see is what you get. You can drop in images and create workflows with absolute ease and efficiency.

Blaise F IT Administrator


Creately - easy to get started and use

Creately is easy to set up, and the plans are easy to understand. It is a very intuitive software, and we can document, share and export our processes in a fraction of the time than we used to.

Christofer F IT Service Manager


Extremely useful and underrated tool

The pricing makes it a no-brainer, everything about the tool is super to use, from creating the charts to sharing them!

Andrew M Marketing Director


Amazing Application for creating different technical and business diagrams

Creating technical designs and architecture diagrams is quite efficient with creately.

Riya B Consultant


Creately - The Project Manager's Best Friend!

The templates that are presented to users for project management and business analysis are out of this world and beautiful! They are really easy to use and modify.

Consultant Management Consultant